A new SSL/TLS conversation within OpenVPN based on a quantum scheme for authentication and key agreement

Aymen Ghilen, Mostafa Azizi, Hafedh Belmabrouk, Ridha Bouallegue


The advent of the quantum computer is making the existing cryptosystems insecure and vulnerable. Upgrading the contemporary cryptographic schemes by integrating quantum cryptography becomes an interesting expectancy since its technology does not exploit difficult mathematical problems such as factoring large integers or computing discrete logarithms. In this context, we propose to integrate a quantum algorithm for authentication and encryption key distribution inside VPN tunnels. The quantum cryptographic solution relies on the laws of quantum physics to reach unconditional security. We basically focus on OpenVPN implementation. To investigate the security of the proposed approach, we use the technique of Model Checking and the Prism tool. We particularly examine the capability of a legitimate user to detect any eavesdropping attempt independently of its computational power. On the other hand, the amount of information on the key caught by a spy must be minimal.


Computer Science; ASDF Journals; ASDF; ASDF International; Journals; International; Human; Machine; Interaction

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